3 Reasons to Fill That Gap With An Implant

When you’re missing a tooth, you can be impacted in many ways. Your teeth are an important part of your appearance and day-to-day functioning. Depending on where the tooth is, you may notice your missing tooth all the time. Your dentist in Bradenton, FL, can help.

We offer dental implants to patients who want to restore their smile with a prosthetic tooth that looks and functions exactly like their other teeth. Below are three reasons why you should consider getting dental implants when you’re missing a tooth.

1. Implants Make Your Smile Whole

A missing tooth can impact the way your smile looks and may even make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Getting an implant can restore your smile to its previous beauty before you lose the tooth.

Implants give many people the confidence they need to smile big and bright for the people they encounter. This can be good for your interpersonal relationships, work relationships, and more.

2. Implants Prevent Other Teeth from Shifting

Teeth can shift over time. Teeth push against each other, and use pressure from other teeth to either move or stay in place. When a tooth goes missing, other teeth in the mouth may shift to take that tooth’s place.

This can cause problems with your bite, leading to issues like TMJ, difficulty chewing and more. Getting an implant helps ensure that your teeth stay properly in their place.

3. Implants Make Chewing and Talking Easier

A missing tooth can give you a lisp while also making chewing or biting your favorite foods more difficult. Installing an implant gives your mouth full functionality again. To learn more about implants in Bradenton, FL, contact the dental professionals at Bayshore Gardens Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

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