Nervous About Nitrous Oxide? What to Know

If you get nervous about visiting thedentist in Bradenton, FL, then you may benefit from sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide is the lowest level of sedation dentistry and is what most people get when they have dental anxiety.

Nitrous oxide can make going to the dentist far less stressful and more productive, especially if your dental anxiety prevents you from sitting still in the dental chair while the dentist cleans your teeth. If you have questions about nitrous oxide, we have answers. This is what you need to know.

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a form of sedation dentistry that is fast-acting and effective in helping patients manage moderate levels of dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide is delivered to the patient through a mask they wear on their nose. Breathing through the mask, the patient will experience feelings of euphoria and calm while the dentist does their work.

How long does nitrous oxide last?

Nitrous oxide only lasts a few minutes, and as soon as the nitrous oxide is turned off, it starts to work its way out of the body. You’ll be ready to leave within a few minutes and can drive yourself home.

Who needs nitrous oxide for their dental appointments?

You can benefit from the use of nitrous oxide if you have dental anxiety that prevents you from making dental appointments. You can also benefit from nitrous oxide if you have an upcoming dental appointment that might be uncomfortable or long. Your dentist at Bayshore Gardens Family & Cosmetic Dentistry – Bradenton may talk to you about sedation dentistry in Bradenton, FL. If not, ask your dentist if this type of service would be right for you.

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